Kitchen Safety

Kitchen Safety

For many families, traditions take place in the kitchen.  Allowing children to be a part of this process is a wonderful way to make memories and build an important life skill.  Safe Kids Kansas recommends taking basic safety steps to ensure sure your memories are pleasant ones. 

The most important safety precaution in the kitchen is close, attentive supervision. Whether helping an adult cook or simply watching, children should always be actively supervised – which means that the child is in sight and in reach at all times.

Safe Kids Kansas recommends these precautions when cooking in the kitchen:


Scald burns from hot liquid or steam are the most common type of burns among children ages 4 and under. Burns — from spills, steam, hot surfaces and flame — can be especially devastating injuries because young children have thinner skin than adults, they burn more severely and at lower temperatures. Here are some tips to prevent scalds and burns in the kitchen:

In addition to hot surfaces, hot liquids and sharp objects, the other major hazard in the kitchen is poison. Store potentially hazardous goods, such as cleaning products and alcohol (including many baking extracts), in locked cabinets out of reach. Also, install a carbon monoxide detector to alert everyone to get out of the house in the event of a buildup of the odorless toxic gas given off by fuel-burning appliances.

Kids in the Kitchen
Children who can follow directions may be ready to help out in the kitchen with tasks that do not involve knives, appliances, or heat.  Some examples of child-friendly tasks include:

You know your own children. Don’t give them knives or let them handle anything hot until they have shown the maturity and coordination to do it safely. Some children mature faster than others, so it’s up to parents to use good judgment about each child’s capabilities.