Weather/Disaster Preparedness

When severe weather strikes you often have only a few minutes to respond and seek shelter. It is essential for you and your family to be prepared in an emergency. Assemble an emergency disaster kit, and practice your emergency plan frequently with your entire family. If you need to take shelter, be sure every family member puts on hard-soled footwear and take your emergency disaster kit with you. An emergency disaster kit should contain:

Girl with umbrella

Additional supplies and equipment may be necessary for family members with disabilities or medical conditions.

Don’t forget your pets will also need supplies, including food, water, collars and leashes. For smaller animals you may want to have a crate or a cage to help keep them safe and close.

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Fred the Preparedness Dog

Fred the Preparedness Dog works to help all families be ready for emergencies. Visit his website for games, activities, and tools to prepare your family. Look at his calendar for events where you can meet Fred in person to learn more.